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Beyond the Refrigerator!
 Whimsical  Collectible  Funny Magnets
available at the New York City GreenFlea Market
Columbus Avenue between 76th and 77th Streets, Manhattan

Looking for the perfect collectible?  Welcome to Wacky Magnets
We hand craft wafer-thin magnets that are funny, whimsical, collectible and eco-friendly.  We recycle vintage magazines, newspapers and catalogs to manufacture our magnetic products.  Our magnets,especially the "quote" magnets create loads of smiles and bouts of laughter.  Wacky Magnets are beyond the refrigerator.  Give these wacky and whimsical magnets to friends and family for special or just ordinary occasions.  Even better, Wacky Magnets are priced to capture your heart, without leaving a hole in your wallet! 

Since 1997, we've manufactured hand crafted laminated magnets.  Some folks have described our magnetic products as recycled collectibles.  Our hand crafted magnet themes art pieces  appeal to whimsy enthusiasts, cat and dog lovers, and serendipity mavericks.  We have magnetic products for all your whimsy or gift-giving needs.


Wacky Magnets have made their way to England, Australia, Poland, Italy, China, India, England and throughout the United States via the internet and our affiliation with the upscale New York City tourist and neighborhood attraction - the GreenFlea Market every Sunday in Manhattan, Columbus Avenue & 77th Street. 

Shown below are examples of our whimsiscal and wacky magnets.  The magnets are available exclusively at the Sunday GreenFlea Market, in New York City.  We hand craft themed magnet categories such as cats, quotes, shoes and major holidays.  Our collectible magnets are $5.00 each plus shipping and handling..

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Wacky Magnets!  

Magnet - Quotes & Sayings ThemeMagnet - Quotes & Sayings Theme

Magnet - Favorite Quote of Tourists

Magnet - Quotes & Sayings Theme
Magnet - Whimsical Home Quote
Magnet - Birthday Theme
MAGNET - Too Many Cats
MAGNET - Tourist Favorite
MAGNET - Tourist Favorite
Magnet - Quote & Sayings Theme
Magnet - Quote Theme
MAGNET - Dog Theme
MAGNET - Quote Theme
MAGNET - Dog Theme
MAGNET - Hometown Whimsy Theme
MAGNET - Retirement
Magnet - Beer is Proof Quote
Magnet - Exercise Quote

Magnetic Paper Dolls!
Incredible Magnetic Fun!
Play Toys for Simple Fun!
No Batteries Needed!

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Our collection of magnetic paper dolls, teddy bear and rabbit sets are hand crafted in the USA by our magnet company Wacky Magnets.  Open a package of our magnetic paper dolls and find whimsical dress up outfits for each character set.  The magnetic paper doll sets are highly interactive with playmates as well as creative fun alone through the exciting colors of laminated clothing.   Each set contains a minimum of 5 pieces of clothing,  These playful sets embody the impish perspective that magnetic paper dolls can create in both children and adult collectors.  Some of our paper doll images are from vintage estate finds and reintroduced as laminated and whimsical magnetic paper doll sets.    

JODIE - Magnetic Paper Doll Set is our Best Seller Since 1997
SABRINA - Magnetic Paper Doll Set
BILLY BOY - Magnetic Paper Doll Set
CAROLINE - Magnetic Paper Doll Set
DANA - Magnetic Paper Doll Set
Our GreenFlea Market Booth - Columbus Ave & 77th St - NYC
MARCELLA - Paper Doll Set

BOBO KITTEN - Magnetic Paper Doll Set

Paper Doll Set

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Columbus Avenue between
77th & 76th Streets
10 am to 5:30 pm
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